What are the costs factors when founding a GmbH or UG?

Prospective business founders will always want to plan ahead as much as possible for the costs of founding. How much a business costs to found, however, is unique to each business, and dependent on a range of factors. Below we lay out the most major and decisive in...

Model Protocol or Partnership Agreement

Copyright Photo: Cytonn Photography / When you decide to start a GmbH or UG, you need to decide whether to use model protocol or standard establishment with a partnership agreement/articles of association. At Q-found we almost always advise our clients...

What is share capital and what can it be used for?

Copyright Photo: Pixabay / How can you leverage share capital? It is a widespread misconception that a UG/GmbH's share capital must never be used to run a business. This is wrong. In fact, you can leverage share capital in many ways. Some include: Operating...

How does the payment of share capital take place?

Copyright Photo: Engin Akyurt /   Here is our guide to the dos and don'ts of the payment of share capital in Germany. If you're unsure about how you can use your share capital, get in touch with us for some expert advice. If the articles of...

The Future of Online Company Foundation: what does the implementation of EU Directive 2019/1151 mean for founders?

Online company formation is coming The resolution of the "company law package" by the European Parliament brings new possibilities for online company formation. They will roll into Germany by August 2021 at the latest. Importantly for founders from abroad, it will be...

The advantages and disadvantages of the Mini-GmbH – also known as the UG, small GmbH, or 1-Euro-GmbH

Copyright Photo: airdone /   Are you considering just starting small with a Mini-GmbH? Here’s an overview of the factors which might influence your decision. What is a Mini-GmbH? In Germany, an entrepreneurial company with limited liability is...

What to expect when you move to Germany

Copyright Photo: Niki Nagy /   When I moved to Berlin from London six months ago I wasn’t sure what to expect. Here are some things about professional and personal life that I wish I had known before the move to Germany. by Alice Strasburger, Paralegal...

What are articles of association?

Copyright Photo: Pixabay In this article you will learn something about: What are articles of association? Significance of articles of association Minimum components - The following information must contain the articles of association. Additional regulation options -...

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What's the right company type?

In our blog post, we walk you through the advantages and disadvantages of the German types of limiteds (GmbH and Mini-GmbH).

What are the costs?

There are multiple cost drivers at play when founding a company in Germany. Have a look at our blog post to get more information about them.

Founding a German Private Limited Liability Company in 5 Steps

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2. We will advise you on the phone or at our office as we prepare the incorporation documents for you.

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4. You will open a bank account for the company and make the capital contribution.

5. We will be by your side until the registration of your company.

GmbH (Limited Company) foundation is simple and fast with professional assistance.

Looking to establish a GmbH? With a Berlin-based corporate law firm the process is easy.

We have specialist lawyers ready to walk with you every step of the way.

For a number of reasons, the limited liability company (GmbH) is one of the legal forms most frequently chosen by new business owners in Germany.

Firstly, it is safe: as the name suggests, the liability of the shareholders is limited.

Secondly, it is trusted: It requires at least €25,000 in share capital, so clients and other businesses can trust that your venture is reputable.

Our offer to you at a glance:

Legal advice and drafting of articles of association

A company often lives or dies by its charter. Without a properly regulated relationship between its shareholders and directors, disputes can arise that go on indefinitely and bring the project to its knees.

That’s why we focus on getting to know you and your business. It allows us to design the structure that will best help you fly. We pride ourselves in providing a vital and personal service, going above and beyond the industry standard.

Cost and tax optimization

We will provide you with an all-inclusive quote for the entire process. In round figures, the company should not cost much more to establish than the share capital contribution.

That’s because in Germany you can use your share capital to fund much of the company establishment costs, including our fee. Even the sales tax will be refunded by the tax office.

Legal Tech helps us all make savings

We work with modern software which enables us to create tailored documents quickly, a saving which we pass straight on to you. Free from the need to spend hours drafting, we can concentrate primarily on providing you with an excellent service.

Organization of the notary appointment

Notarization with a registered Notary is an essential part of the foundation process. We are happy to organize the appointment at a convenient time and place of your choosing.

Legal information

We will give you a digested summary of every step of the foundation process for your records.

That won’t be the end of our story

We value our long-term client relationships. We will continue to provide legal advice after your foundation, and we will be at your side should any disputes or conflicts arise.