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GmbH & Co. KG

A limitation of liability and the advantages of a partnership is offered by the popular GmbH & Co. KG, which is also available as UG & Co. KG.

Private Limited Company (GmbH)

With us you establish your limited liability company (GmbH) at a fixed price. Our fixed price even includes the fees for the notary public. Find out more!


We advise you from entrance to exit. Venture capital, shareholder’s agreements, vesting, tag-along & drag-along. What questions do you have?

Public Limited Company (AG)

No other legal form has more prestige than the stock corporation. Of course, the “Aktiengesellschaft” doesn’t have to be listed on the stock exchange. The share capital at the time of incorporation is at least 50,000 €.

Entrepreneurial Company (UG)

The smaller sister of the “GmbH” offers a limitation of liability for the shareholders, too. However, the UG doesn’t have a high reputation due to its small share capital of sometimes not more than 1 EUR. Still, the UG can be an option for small businesses. Find out more!

Advice on legal form & more

We advice you on the establishment, transformation, liquidation or other legal topics related to your company.

Service contracts and rules of procedure

Service contracts for management, rules of procedure for management or supervisory/advisory board.

Shareholders' agreements and shareholders' disputes

We advise you on when it’s sensible to consider a shareholders’ agreement in addition to the company’s articles of association. If you have any conflicts, we will advise and represent you legally or as mediators.

Employee participation: Finding and keeping high performers

The future of a company also depends on whether it is an attractive employer. Employee participation can increase motivation and keep good minds on the ball. We will advise you on your options.

Capital measures and financing rounds

We can advise you on capital increases, investor participation, convertible loans, etc.


Juri Schleicher

Juri Schleicher

Lawyer and certified corporate lawyer

Advisory focus:
Corporate law, trade law, tax law, business immigration, real estate law

Languages: German, Russian, English

Daniel Steltzer

Daniel Steltzer

Lawyer and Mediator, LL.M. International Trade Law (Stellenbosch)

Advisory focus:
Corporate law, insolvency law, inheritance law

Languages: German, English

Who we are: We are a specialized law firm for corporate law which has the highest standards concerning legal and tax consulting services.

Who we advise: We advise small and medium-sized companies.

Our expertise is articles of association. Whether in the formation of a company, changes of shareholders, financing procedures or  similar – we attach importance to the fact that the contracts fit the company and its shareholders. Together with experienced notaries, we ensure that everything runs as planned.

Our Clients:

  • Commercial enterprises
  • Service providers
  • Real estate company
  • IT-companies
  • Start-ups
  • Financial industry
  • Brokers and property developers
  • Foreign companies
  • Healthcare sector
  • Restaurants
  • Freelancers
  • Craftsmen
  • Non-profit organisations

Continuous training of our lawyers and tax advisors ensures the quality of our work.

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We attach great importance to the fast execution of your legal interest.


Continuous training of our lawyers and tax advisors ensures the quality of our work.


Only those who ask can be sure that they have understood. We ask questions and answer yours.




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